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CAPTAIN MARVEL film review – Mark Glass

Another Marvel Comics superhero joins her big budget, big screen peers with just enough panache, though less than others

– By Mark Glass –

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The latest marvel Comics’ superhero to find new life on the big screen is the eponymous gal of this sci-fi epic. As usual, we begin with an account of her origins, at least for this version. Not so usual is how confusing that is for those of us who didn’t already know it. Her gender, evolution and powers have varied through several decades of print existence. I didn’t even know this version of the Captain (Brie Larson) was female until I prepped for the screening. That’s OK, since its equally confusing for her, and takes most of the film for all of us to understand the complicated backstory. Even so, the path is exciting, with all the computer-generated effects one has come to expect from these offerings.