Month: November 2021


– By Cate Marquis – It’s great to be back at the Fabulous Fox! Covid closed theaters everywhere last year, but now live theater is finally back, albeit with pandemic precautions, which are posted on the Fox website. The Fox Theater comes back strong with a lively musical adaption of the fan-favorite movie “Pretty Woman.”…

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JULIA – Film Review

– By Cate Marquis – Julia Child is a name nearly everyone recognizes, if for nothing else than she has been so often affectionately parodied as the smiling middle-age woman with the high-pitched voice fearlessly wielding a cleaver on a TV cooking show, and carrying on no matter what happens in her live-TV show. But…

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BELFAST – Film Review

– By Cate Marquis – RATING: 4 out of 4 stars Kenneth Branagh gives us one of his best films, and his most personal, with BELFAST, a partly autobiographical tale of a boy in North Belfast in 1969. It is more a year-in-the-life story rather than a coming-of-age one but it is a pivotal year…

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